Squarespace for Chick Lit

Squarespace for Chick Lit

Women’s Fiction Novelist Redesigns Squarespace Website with Fix8 Media

Author J.J. Salem Promotes Books on Squarespace Site

The love affair between authors and Squarespace may not be as racy as the romances in J.J. Salem’s novels, but the feelings are mutual! J.J. Salem is one in a line of many authors who have approached Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers to build their websites. The perfect platform to market books and share stories, Squarespace has a strong following among novelists, journalists, and authors in all genres.

Endeavoring to redesign his author website to better capture the depth of his work in the women’s fiction genre, Salem looked again to the Squarespace designers at Fix8 Media to help shape his vision. The results, much like his books, are dramatic!

Taking advantage of the Squarespace built-in Pop-Up tool, Salem tantalizes readers with a glimpse into one of his latest novels, Hollywood Mommy. This sneak preview is a wonderful example of how to effectively use the Squarespace Pop-Up tool to boost your mailing list. Featuring a cute animated gif, the offer gives readers access to the first two chapters of the book along with a link to Salem’s celebrity baby match game and a chance to win a Lulu Guinness clutch—all in exchange for an e-mail address.

It’s clear Salem really knows his audience, which is reflected in his Squarespace website design. Executed in the Squarespace Ready template, the site features a vibrant home page with calls to action around some of Salem’s bestsellers. Readers are easily directed to a page for New Releases, which takes advantage of the Squarespace announcement bar to promote orders. And those who want to read the latest from Salem’s desk can pop over to the Trash Talk blog to be entertained!

Friend and mentor Jackie Collins is featured prominently on the site, where readers can sign up for Salem’s mailing list to receive his “8 Essential Jackie Collins Classics” list. You’ll find some great examples of giveaways in exchange for mailing list subscriptions on this clever author’s Squarespace site, which is a true reflection of his passion for the chick lit genre.

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