Squarespace for Commercial Real Estate

Squarespace for Commercial Real Estate

California Brokers Select Squarespace to Market Commercial Property

Why Squarespace Is a Great Choice for Real Estate Websites

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers have built a number of Squarespace websites for real estate professionals, including websites for Realtors who focus on private property sales and larger companies that offer commercial real estate. 1925Maple.com is an example of the latter, featuring a 45,270 square foot creative office space for lease in El Segundo, California. The beautiful new Squarespace website is a wonderful example of how Squarespace is ideally suited to marketing commercial real estate.

Crafted by Fix8 Media’s experienced team of Squarespace designers in the Squarespace Margot template, the 1925 Maple site makes excellent use of the parallax scroll in a series of pages created within a Squarespace index. Interested visitors can journey down the home page to discover key details about the property, including availability, site plan, amenities, and more. A recurring navigation menu enables visitors to jump quickly to areas of interest on the site, and a download button in the footer opens a PDF brochure that can be quickly saved to one’s desktop.  

Maps and schematics interspersed with visually appealing icons and architectural renderings of the space round out this Squarespace marketing website for commercial real estate—providing all potential lessees with all the information they need to decide if the space is right for their business.

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