Squarespace for Fierce Feminist Bloggers

Squarespace for Fierce Feminist Bloggers

Feminist Werewolf Katie Anthony Kicks Butt on Squarespace

Fix8 Media Unleashes a Beast of a Squarespace Website with Pride

It’s tough to describe Fix8 Media’s latest client Katie Anthony without using the f-word… Suffice it to say she is one fierce woman—with one fantastic new Squarespace website to share that ferocity with the world!

Katie Anthony is a blogger who writes about feminism, family, social justice, and other topics about which she is passionate. Her energy, power, and voice practically jump off the page and bite you—which is why a website in any platform other than Squarespace wouldn’t cut the mustard.

Katie approached Fix8 Media with a request to redesign her website in Squarespace, taking no prisoners along the way. Our Squarespace designers and developers couldn’t wait to blow her mind, a challenge they readily accepted. Starting in the Squarespace Mojave template, Fix8 Media built a dynamic parallax home page that is spot on with Katie’s brand. Readers explore multiple points of entry on their journey down the home page, with the chance to check out various parts of the site or read recent posts.

Bloggers flock to Squarespace for its stellar templates, not only due to the aesthetics, but also the superior functionality. The ability to sort by tags, switch categories, and search by relevant keywords make Squarespace templates such as Mojave extremely blogger-friendly.

Considering the vast amount of content Katie had amassed on her blog, Squarespace fit the bill perfectly, enabling a smooth transition of content with the incredible aforementioned features that streamline the reading experience for her growing audience. We have no doubt she’ll continue to kill it in her new Squarespace online home—one f-word at a time.

Sic ‘em, girl,

Fix8 Media