Squarespace for Global Nonprofits Building Communities

Squarespace for Global Nonprofits Building Communities

Nonprofit Using Minecraft to Improve Urban Spaces Turns to Squarespace

New Block by Block Squarespace Website Promotes Community Empowerment to Transform Lives

A collaboration between Mojang, Microsoft, and UN-Habitat, Block by Block is a nonprofit organization that integrates Minecraft into public space planning with the goal of getting community members more involved. An innovative concept, the project required an equally creative website to present its mission. Enter Squarespace!

Turning to Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers, Block by Block envisioned a website that clearly presented its goals, work, and resources to a global audience. Participants in the project—both children and adults—use the tools in the Minecraft video game to customize a public space to best fit their needs. Projects include everything from a public park to a walkway children use to get to and from school each day.

Beginning in the Squarespace Impact template, Fix8 Media’s expert Squarespace designers built a visually rich home page experience, complete with rotating banner area slideshow, multiple calls to action, and a summary video that presents the organization’s vision. The Work page is sortable both by region and theme, offering an intuitive visitor experience. The nonprofit organization makes it easy for interested parties around the globe to donate via PayPal, stay informed by joining the mailing list, or get involved by contacting them via a Squarespace form.

The Block by Block website is just one of the many examples of nonprofit organizations maximizing their online presence using the Squarespace tools—and building a better world while they’re at it!

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