Squarespace for Mindfulness Websites

Squarespace for Mindfulness Websites

Teacher of Writing and Mindfulness Builds Squarespace Marketing Website

Fix8 Media Specializes in Coaching Websites for Teachers of All Disciplines

There are many aspects of life that from time to time may require an experienced coach to lend a hand. Whether you’re trying to brush up on a particular skill or looking for someone to provide overall guidance to your life, you can often find a helpful ally and mentor in a coach. Lesley Hyatt is one such person. Having taught for over 30 years, Lesley teaches mindfulness meditation and writing to both students and adults. She approached Fix8 Media website designers and developers in Colorado because of our impressive portfolio of Squarespace coaching websites, in the hopes that we could build her a marketing website for her coaching business.

The results at lesleyhyatt.com reflect the passion that Lesley brings to her work. Setting the tone with natural, colorful imagery, the new Squarespace website greets you with Lesley’s smiling face and bio. As you scroll down the home page, you are invited to learn more about her writing workshops, mindfulness groups, and other services she offers. It’s all anchored by a Squarespace blog feed.

Click into the Squarespace Mojave template site and you’ll find pages devoted to Lesley’s multiple writing workshops and mindfulness groups, as well as events, testimonials, and workshops for which you can contact Lesley directly to register.

Taking advantage of the Squarespace Announcement Bar to promote her workshops and the Squarespace email campaign tool, Lesley is taking advantage of many new features of the platform to market her coaching offerings.

Teach them well,

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