Squarespace for Cryotherapy and Alternative Medicine Websites

Squarespace for Cryotherapy and Alternative Medicine Websites

Innovative Bio Code and Cryotherapy Lounge in Bay Area Opts for Squarespace Website

Health Spas and Alternative Medicine Embrace Squarespace Platform for Their Businesses

Boulder area website designers and developers Fix8 Media have years of experience building Squarespace websites for businesses in the health and wellness space. As seasoned as we are working with therapists, alternative medicine providers, acupuncturists, and more, we recently launched our first Squarespace website for cryotherapy.

Club 9 Cryo Lounge engaged Longmont, Colorado website designers Fix8 Media to build a website for their new San Francisco Bay area business. Aesthetically, the new Squarespace website had to speak to the target demographic: health-conscious, affluent millennials and athletes open to alternative approaches to health and wellness.

Starting in the Squarespace Mercer template, Fix8 Media’s talented Squarespace designers built a sexy website for Club 9. Featuring a black background, compelling photography, and sleek design, the new Squarespace website echoes the vibe of the lounge itself. Visitors are invited to click into the services offered by Club 9 and its sister business, 9 Corners. The website includes the ability to schedule and pay for services via an integration with third-party software MindBody. For those new to cryotherapy, an FAQs page with custom accordion and links to articles about the process provide additional information, while a Results page shares what you can expect with the variety of services and treatments offered.

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