Squarespace for Therapy and Treatment Websites

Squarespace for Therapy and Treatment Websites

New York City Eating Disorder Treatment Center Re-Launches Squarespace Website

Fix8 Media Colorado Website Designers Redesign Squarespace Sites for New and Existing Clients

Fix8 Media website designers in Colorado are often approached by past clients to refresh of redesign their websites to better meet their current needs. Such was the case with Aurora, a New York City-based eating disorder treatment center that required a redesign of their Squarespace website due to changes in the business.

Our Squarespace designers and developers took this as an opportunity to enhance the Aurora website, moving from the Squarespace Bedford template to the newer Squarespace Mercer template to take better advantage of the latest updates to the Squarespace platform. The new home page opens with a beautiful motion video background of clouds passing in the sky, encouraging visitors to click in to “Start Your Awakening.” A scroll down the page offers calls to action to learn more about Aurora Center and the treatment services offered, with opportunities to schedule an appointment with the team.

The redesigned website is robust, with topic-specific content and a solid SEO foundation following Squarespace best practices. There are separate pages for the various treatment options available, as well as a number of pages about the center itself. Frequent use of the Squarespace blog feature enables Aurora to continue to build site content to further its reach.

Featuring a e-mail subscription box in the footer for those interested in receiving news and updates, the newly redesigned Aurora Center website is a resource for those in the New York City area struggling with eating disorders and related issues.

With renewed spirit,

Fix8 Media

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