Squarespace Websites for Authors, Writers, and Bloggers by Fix8 Media Squarespace Experts


For Authors and Bloggers, Squarespace Has the Write Stuff!

Why Squarespace Is an Ideal Choice for Author, Writer, and Blogger Websites

The ability to pick up a pen (or a keyboard) and compose a beautifully written paragraph is truly a gift. Combine that with imagination and passion, and you’ve got the recipe for writing success. Whether you are an aspiring novelist, a seasoned writer, or an enthusiastic blogger, you need a website to promote yourself and your words to the world—and Squarespace is the answer!

At Fix8 Media Squarespace website design and development in Longmont, Colorado, we’ve witnessed the impact a well-crafted Squarespace website can have on a writer’s work. We’ve had the privilege of engaging with writers from various genres—from mystery novelists to thriller writers to journalists to writing teachers to bloggers—to craft highly effective Squarespace websites that meet their needs.

A few examples of Squarespace websites Fix8 Media’s experienced team of Squarespace designers have built for authors, writers, and bloggers are featured here:


JJSalem.com. Fix8 Media built this eye-catching Squarespace author website in the Squarespace Ready template for popular women’s fiction novelist J.J. Salem. Check out the clever use of the the Squarespace Pop Up tool with a cute animated gif to offer a sneak preview of the author’s new book.


KatyKatiKate.com. Keeping the girl power rolling, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace design experts built this killer Squarespace blogger website for feminist blogger Katie Anthony in the Squarespace Mojave template. Offering the ability to search by keyword, switch categories, and sort by tags, this website is a great example of how perfectly suited many of the Squarespace templates are to bloggers.


YukariKane.com. Also built in the flexible Squarespace Mojave template, this website for journalist/author Yukari Kane covers the depth and scope of her work. From her book Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs to her TV and radio appearances to her many teaching gigs—Yukari’s new Squarespace website offers the ideal platform for her to spread the word about the many places her writing has taken her.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the Squarespace websites Fix8 Media has crafted for writers. Click here to see more examples, or get in touch with our team of veteran Squarespace website designers today to learn more about getting your Squarespace author or blogger website live.

Josh Neimark