Squarespace for Action Thriller Author Websites

Squarespace for Action Thriller Author Websites

Los Angeles-based Writer Launches Second Squarespace Website

Author Ian Bull Features Thriller Book Series on New Website

Just take a short journey through Fix8 Media’s portfolio of Squarespace author websites, and you’ll quickly realize what a remarkable fit the Squarespace platform is for writers. In fact, it’s so great a choice, sometimes one Squarespace website just isn’t enough.

Thriller and adventure writer Ian Bull of Los Angeles recently launched two Squarespace websites working with the Squarespace designers and developers at Fix8 Media in Longmont, Colorado: CaliforniaNoir.net and QuitanaAdventures.com. The latter is based on Bull’s series of three thrillers that start in LA and take readers far and wide on a page-turning adventure ride.

Bull’s second new Squarespace author website opens with a home page image featuring the book series’ two main characters, followed by synopses of them. Scroll down to find the book covers linking through to respective book pages, read a review, and have the opportunity to subscribe to Bull’s email list, which is run through the popular Mailchimp tool.

Using the Squarespace Mercer template, the Quintana Adventures site is built in the same family of Squarespace templates as the California Noir website, providing an obvious connection between the two yet highlighting their distinctive literary offerings. Both sites feature links out to Amazon to purchase the books.

Once again, Squarespace puts its best foot forward in author websites, offering a superior platform on which writers can promote their work, connect with readers, and share blog posts, news, and more with their audience.

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