Squarespace for Romantic Thriller Writer Websites

Squarespace for Romantic Thriller Writer Websites

Author Ian Bull Crafts Squarespace Website Around Noir Book Series

Writers and Authors Are a Natural Fit for Squarespace

Writers and Squarespace are a match made in heaven. If you’ve been blessed with the gift of the written word, Squarespace offers an amazing platform upon which your words can soar.

Fix8 Media’s Squarespace website designers and developers in Boulder County, Colorado, have worked with writers and published authors in a variety of genres to build Squarespace websites that showcase their work. Fix8’s Squarespace experts have built websites for mystery writers, romance novelists, nonfiction writers, essayists, journalists, and bloggers. Most recently, Fix8 Media had the pleasure of building two new Squarespace websites for Los Angeles-based thriller writer Ian Bull. CaliforniaNoir.net, which is built in the Squarespace Mojave template, is centered around the author’s Noir Series of books. The website immediately resonates with the readers—from the color scheme to the images selected to the content.

The new Squarespace website opens with an eerie black and white home page banner image enticing the reader to click in and learn more about Bull’s romantic thrillers. Synopses of the books in the series follow, with calls to action to learn more about each. The author’s Squarespace website features reviews and links out to Amazon to purchase.

In addition to the standard About and Contact pages, Bull devotes a page to giveaways—from posters to books to short films—that he offers in exchange for collecting an interested visitor’s contact information for marketing purposes. Those who simply want to subscribe to the author’s Mailchimp email list can do so via a Subscription box in the Squarespace website’s footer.

The California Noir Squarespace website is a perfect example of Squarespace’s suitability for authors looking to promote their books and cultivate a following.


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