Squarespace Websites for Medical Suppliers

Squarespace Websites for Medical Suppliers

Innovative Medical Product Supplier Turns to Squarespace

Physician-owned Company Launches Squarespace Website for New Product

When an innovative medical equipment supplier turns to Squarespace to build a website to showcase its new product, the platform flexes to their needs. The brainchild of a group of physicians, Duramesh is a suturable mesh for various surgical applications. The company’s marketing team reached out to Boulder-based Fix8 Media website designers to craft a sophisticated website to market the product to its target audiences.

Starting with the Squarespace Impact template, Fix8 Media’s talented Squarespace website designers crafted a distinctive home page experience with a visual gallery navigation in an index. Visitors scrolling down are immediately invited to complete an inquiry form prior to encountering the gallery navigation that takes them to various important areas of the website. When patents are critical to your credibility, a website that houses them in a searchable blog such as the one here is ideal.

Other features of the new Squarespace website include technology overviews, surgical videos and tutorials for instruction, FAQs, and an events calendar. Links to a number of reference articles open directly in the website, making work easier for those researching Duramesh.

Overall, the new Mesh Suture website is expertly designed for flow, user experience, and the presentation of technical information in a sophisticated yet approachable manner. The website proves once again how flexible the Squarespace platform is to suit the specialized needs of so many fields, including in this example the medical products and equipment sector.

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