Squarespace on Canvas

Here at Fix8, we’re always thrilled when artists of any medium come to us for help with their online portfolio. Not only do we get to work with beautiful, original art, but we get to help highlight their work in a completely novel way.

Enter Kerry Schroeder out of Austin, Texas. Her exquisite acrylic paintings, are the essence of thoughtful natural beauty. In her own words:

“I'm intrigued with dualities, such as light and darkness, fragility and strength, form and formlessness. Seemingly contradictory forces that not only exist in the same world, but are actually in harmony, suggest to me metaphors for what it means to be alive. My intent is to create work that invites contemplation into a world that is both mysterious and somehow very familiar.”

We wish we had 1/8 of the talent that she has. Her voice really shines through in her work. 



As an artist my business is a one-woman show. I wanted a simple and elegant web site to highlight my work and also be easy for me to update and grow on my own. So many website designers and developers out there consider my needs as small potatoes and not cost-efficient for their companies. But, I found Fix8 Media, and I am so happy I did! It was great to see that they offered levels of packages, and their “Squarespace Starter Package” was perfect for me. Josh engaged with me personally from the beginning and treated me like a large client. The process was clean and easy and the communication was clear at every step. Josh and his team are professional and great to work with. I now have a site I love. It’s mobile-repsonsive, integrated into my social networks, and is seamlessly connected to Mailchimp for marketing outreach. I highly recommend Fix8 Media.
— Kerry Schroeder