Squarespace for Authors

Widely known for her work as both a correspondent for MTV news and VJ as well as contestant in America’s Next Top Model Season 5, Kim Stolz recently wrote a book that was in need of the Fix8 treatment. Titled, Unfriending My Ex, and Other Things I’ll Never Do, it is the first book for the multi-talented personality, and goes on to explore the effects that social networking, smart phones and reality television all have had on society and the millennial generation. Together, we quickly defined her calls to action and strategized about how to integrate social features to connect readers to the website.

The end product is both functional and elegant. With multiple areas to buy the book, a fully integrated moot.it forum for fans to discuss the book via other fans, as well as social and mailing list sign ups, the site has many key features that will surely hype up the June release. We’re excited for fans to engage with the site, and are certain they will have a blast getting to know Kim and her new book!



When I set out to find a website designer and builder, I had no idea how incredibly easy, seamless and organized Josh and his team at Fix8 would make the process for me. They were professional, creative, responsive and helpful every step of the way. They stuck to every deadline we came up with and even finished work more quickly than budgeted. I have already recommended them to several of my friends because of what a great process it was for me. Josh not only built the site but also designed it - someone who can do both for a reasonable price is rare! They have also given me the tools so that I can keep the website up on my own and have made it incredibly simple for me to manage the site. From the start, I knew I wanted a Squarespace site because it offers a great way to have fun creating and modifying templates so that your site has a completely unique feel but it is also simple enough to manage for someone like me who has no idea how to run a website! Josh has given me the tools to be an expert on my own site and I will be forever grateful! I am so happy I found them.
— Kim Stolz