Squarespace for Artists

California photographer Warren Marr came to us a few months ago with a big project:  Finding a way to feature his life’s work behind the lens. We did just that, and have arrived at a clean, unique, and gorgeous new site as the end product. With eight strikingly beautiful galleries featuring dozens of prints all for sale, his site is like eye candy. We simply can’t express how much we enjoyed working with his beautiful images, and encourage all of our friends and fans to get acquainted with his work.  His new Squarespace site really speaks to our strength of capitalizing on both portfolio and e-commerce functionalities.

We’re really proud with how this site came out, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy taking a peek behind his lens too!

Enjoy browsing,


I’m very glad to recommend Fix8 Media for their skill, attention to detail, and customer service for anyone needing a website designer.

My journey to replace my existing website began when I asked a friend for a recommendation of a good website host. From looking at current websites I just knew in my gut that the old site was terribly lacking, and I thought that with the new website engines it would be possible to do the work myself. I checked out the two recommendations, and immediately liked the Squarespace platform. My wife convinced me to get further recommendations and talk to some designers, so I emailed Squarespace for their advice and they sent me a list of people who specialize in designing for their platform (actually, if you look closely at their own website the list is posted online).

Using that list I browsed every one of the designer’s websites and settled on two which seemed like good fits for what I had in mind. I emailed both of them and within a couple of hours heard back from Josh at Fix8, and we set up a time to talk on the phone about two days later. The other designer took 4-5 days to return my email, by which time I had already engaged Fix8. That’s right, I actually hired Josh at the end of the first phone call, I was so impressed with his ability and nice personality.

It might be right in theory, that I could have done all this, but not in practice. At this point, after the website has been online for awhile, it is very easy and intuitive to maintain. However, building it would have been another matter. Fix8’s experience, guidance, and access to extra tools is far beyond what I am familiar with. In that respect, they actually probably saved me personal time. I also found their suggestions and guidance to be spot on, all the while being flexible and cheerful. I kind of hate using that word, but in this case it is exactly appropriate. They are cheerful.

So, I have no reservations about recommending Fix8 Media. They are capable, well organized, reasonably priced, and a pleasure to work with. What more could you ask for? And, I am still loving the Squarespace platform and very happy they host my website.
— Warren Marr