Squarespace for Storytellers

Based in Austin, Texas, multi-talented writer and photojournalist Laura Jenkins has years of experience writing about music for newspapers, magazines, and record companies. She switched careers in 2005, at which point she became a professional photojournalist – staying true to her storytelling while switching mediums. Her work is simply crisp and beautiful - ranging from travel to even editorial and food photography, travel writing, and more. 

Her new Squarespace site, built in the Marquee template, is perfect for displaying her beautiful prints, cascading photos galleries, downloadable writing sample PDFs, and more. You can even hire her by filling out a form – but be warned, there are certain things she doesn’t do, such as marketing copy, grant writing, portrait and wedding photography, and real estate listings. Head over to her site and stay up to date on her latest work!

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I had a lot of questions and some trepidation when sifting through which web designer to work with. *Is it wise to hire someone you’ve never met face to face? Will the fact that they’re in another state matter? What if someone scams me by charging a whole lot more for something that was fairly easy to do?

After emailing with several designers and then talking with Josh, it was crystal clear that Fix8 was the best choice. (For the record, we’ve never met face to face, he and I live five states apart, and I totally got my money’s worth.) He took the small, shabby concept I brought to the table and turned my website into a work of art. Communication was great, the timeline and budget came in exactly as he said, and he did an exceptional job.

Are you looking for an honest, creative, affordable person to build your Squarespace site?

This guy. He’s worth every penny.
— Laura Jenkins