Squarespace for Jewelry

For many men, the thought of buying – let alone wearing – a wedding band that speaks to individual style and taste is a daunting task. What’s worse is if said man is not used to wearing jewelry! 4 Wedding Bands has recognized this, and are doing something about it. They are revolutionizing the way men purchase the most important piece of jewelry they’ll ever wear, and have chosen to do so within Squarespace. With an array of metals to choose from, they make the process of selecting the perfect wedding band the personal, tailored process that it should be.

We’ve created a beautiful Squarespace storefront for them, featuring nearly 40 different styles of rings – boasting metals ranging from White Gold to Palladium. Know someone in the market for a men’s wedding band? This is the place.

In an effort to reposition our company as the online destination for men’s wedding bands, we turned to Fix8 media for help. Not only did the team at Fix8 create a tough, masculine logo and overall aesthetic for our site, but also organized the information in a way that makes it easy for a guy to shop for a wedding band that suits his style and price point. We couldn’t be happier with the new and improved 4weddingbands.com