Squarespace for Feng Shui

Shoshana Beck has 18 years of experience as a licensed acupuncturist and Feng Shui expert. We teamed up with her to create a fun, vibrant Squarespace website, highlighting her unique gift for being able to understand and optimize the way your home is affecting your family. Beck describes acupuncture and Feng Shui as branches of the same tree, with roots planted in the ancient Taoist understanding of nature. Acupuncture gets life energy flowing well in our bodies while Feng Shui gets it flowing well in our homes - balanced and in tune with nature. To boot, she is proud to help child and family-centered organizations whose work is focused on creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Check out the site at shoshanabeck.com for more information on her consultation rates and offerings, free “ask me anything” calls, and one-on-one sessions.



I loved working with Josh and am thrilled with my site! I had a vision but didn’t know how to create it and it wasn’t for lack of trying...I’d been struggling with Squarespace for ages.

Thankfully I gave up and looked for help. I feel like I won the lottery by finding Josh who has a rare gift for melding artistry and functionality.

He’s a creative powerhouse, a good listener and a true pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Josh and his awesome Fix8 team to anyone wanting a beautiful, top-notch website as well as a very enjoyable creative process along the way.
— Shoshana Beck