Have You Tried Squarespace Chart Blocks for Data Presentation?

Everyone knows the best way to show off data and statistics is in the form of a nifty chart. And now you can take advantage of a tool built right into Squarespace to do just that!

The Squarespace Chart Blocks tool enables you to show off your data in a super effective and beautiful way. Available in line, bar, and pie graph options, these charts are fully responsive, so they will always scale to size on any device. Featuring customizable color palettes, the Squarespace Chart Blocks allow you to present information in an easy-to-read graphic format. Simply copy and paste from a .csv file or add the data one cell at a time in the editor.

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Check out the three styles below:


This is an example bar chart

This is where you can add a caption

This is an example line chart


This is an example pie chart