Squarespace for Threads

EFM (Engineered For Motion) approached Fix8 Media with the need to create a Squarespace site for their new menswear collection.  We were pumped and confident the Squarespace EFM marriage would be a match made in heaven. Emphasizing the synergy of fabric and technology, the garments are not just designed, but engineered to provide comfort and functionality to the user in any situation he may find himself in. Moreover, every EFM garment is produced exclusively by Trinovation Labs, the high-end sportswear research division of Tristate, a Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer.

The site reflects the values they've built the brand around, and is both cutting edge and elegant. The web store, features an array of products for purchase, and will be updated as new pieces are introduced. If you’re an active male – you’re going to want to be first to check this stuff out. It’s only a matter of time before it’s all over the place. For US and European sales, be sure to reach out to their agencies listed under the ‘contact’ tab. 

Making sure you’re lookin’ dapper,