Squarespace Five Template Websites

Tried and true. That’s the Squarespace Five template.

Going back a number of years, the Squarespace Five template remains one of the most flexible templates Squarespace offers in terms of styling options. In addition, Five is one of the few Squarespace templates to feature true sidebar functionality—and in a wide variety of flavors, to boot! You can opt for single sidebar, split sidebar, and full-width options on a per page basis, making the sidebar functionality ultra flexible to fit your needs. This feature alone makes the Squarespace Five template a major consideration for bloggers, websites featuring advertising, or any individual, business, or nonprofit hoping to reiterate different calls to action on a variety of pages in a seamless and impactful manner.

Two additional features of note in the Squarespace Five template include full-width banner images with text on any page, as well as a customizable main navigation that can display above or below banner images.  

Check out some Fix8 Media clients who have selected the Squarespace Five template:

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