Squarespace Rally Template Websites

For those who love the look of a scrolling home page that enables numerous opportunities for messaging, the Squarespace Rally template is an excellent choice. Rally’s home page is actually an Index page that combines multiple pages in a vertical scroll—enhancing SEO opportunities in the back end.

Combine the flexibility of this Index home page with three separate navigation areas, and you’ve got a dynamic solution. Offering two navigation areas in the header and one in the footer—all of which can be styled uniquely—the Squarespace Rally template has a level of customization that enables you to craft a truly standout Squarespace website for yourself or your business.

A member of the Squarespace Brine family of templates, Rally shares the same underlying structure and functionality as its popular cousins, including Mercer, Brine, Thorne, and Marta.

In addition to the cool features available on the Rally home page, the template features a modern blog and built-in mobile styling. It’s a great choice for commerce sites, offering advanced commerce features such as Quick View, product zoom, and on-hover effects.

Check out some Fix8 Media clients who have selected the Squarespace Rally template:

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