Squarespace Websites for Authors & Bloggers

For writers and authors in a variety of genres, Squarespace’s content management tools are very powerful. It’s very important for authors to stay relevant and update their websites with frequency.

The Squarespace blog is hugely beneficial in this aspect, enabling writers to do what they do best—and maximize those efforts to the tune of enhanced SEO opportunities. Blogging tools in Squarespace are incredibly easy to use and available in a mobile fashion for bloggers on the go. In addition, the Squarespace commenting system allows site visitors to engage and interact with you directly. And if you’re looking to take your commenting and engagement to a higher level, Squarespace offers the easy integration of the third-party Disqus software, which can allow you to attract even more readers and measure your engagement.

While consistently and effectively updating a blog is a challenge for many, writers have it made in this area—giving them a leg up when adding fresh content to their sites on a consistent basis. When done routinely, blogging can greatly enhance the SEO benefits received from your efforts.

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