Squarespace Margot Template Websites

If you’re looking for an incredibly flexible Squarespace template for your new website, consider the Squarespace Margot template. Offering a customizable mobile experience, a vertically stacked index page with parallax scrolling, and three separate navigation areas that can be styled independently, the Margot template is one of the many standouts in the Brine family of templates.

Thinking of selling products on your Squarespace website? The Margot template is ideal for your Squarespace store, featuring advanced commerce features such as Quick View, product zoom, and on-hover effects.  And you’ll love the modern blog page in this template, which offers two adjustable layout options that enable you to tell your story via images, video, and text.

Fix8 Media’s experienced Squarespace designers and developers have built websites in the Squarespace Margot template for realtors, tech firms, online stores, and more. The possibilities are virtually limitless for those who want to explore the Squarespace Margot template for their website needs!

Check out some Fix8 Media clients who have selected the Squarespace Margot template:

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